At India International School in Japan, we are committed to helping all our students develop the skills to succeed in today’s world. It is hoped that this year our students will take pride in developing new skills and sharpening others that are critical in developing 21st Century ready citizens who appreciate that they can make a difference through their actions and relationships.

We believe that academic and social responsibility are essential components in ensuring a balanced, valuable and varied education. We believe that parents, students and teachers make up a community of learners that must work together in a collaborative partnership to ensure learning is successful.

IISJ offers an array of diverse opportunities for all students to reach their unique potential, in whatever academic track they choose whether it is the CBSE or the IB curriculum. When an IISJ graduate leaves the school; they are uniquely prepared for the exciting and various challenges of a 21st Century world.

One of the most important aspects of my relationship with IISJ’s community is communication. Communication is critical to the success of any community and is an important tool in bringing together students, their families and our teachers. It is imperative that the lines of communication remain open and respectful at all times and therefore please take the opportunity to seek out a teacher to share something that you think has gone particularly well or something we can improve. We are all learners, whether we are parents, teachers or students and we must be reflective on how we can move ahead to do things better so we can move from good to great.

Everyone at IISJ looks forward to a year filled with positive interactions, engaging conversations and cultural understanding which ultimately leads to a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment.

Kevin Curran

Head of School

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