Along with reaching the pinnacle of academic excellence, we at IISJ aim for our students to fill their lives with positivity, hope, and happiness. We motivate them to acquire values and skills that they can rely upon in leading their lives purposefully as individuals and global citizens. In turn, we promise to provide an enabling environment and careful nurturing and honing of their talents through academic and co-curricular exposure.

The digital revolution of the 21st century – a barrage of information, education, entertainment and companionship - is changing everything. Our students need to meet it head on and still nurture their originality, creativity, and individual expression. IISJ will do everything possible to provide numerous platforms to foster their inherent talents. True to our motto “Your Home Away from Home”, IISJ not only provides a supporting and nurturing environment catering to their individual growth but also gives students enough exposure to 21st century skills of communication, collaboration, critical and creative thinking.

I applaud the efforts of our faculty for their hard work and also the commitment of our parents for having invested their energy and time in helping our students realize their dreams. I wish the IISJ community great success in all its efforts.

Rakesh Joshi



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