2 Apr MondayFirst day of school for students (Yokohama)
In-Service Day for Teachers (Tokyo)
3 Apr TuesdayFirst day of school for students (Tokyo)
30 Apr MondayNo School (Showa Day Observed)


3 May ThursdayNo School (Constitution Day)
4 May FridayNo School (Greenery Day )


11-15 Jun Mon-FriPre mid-term test for G1 to 10 (G9 and G10 students dismissed after test, other graders have regular class after test)
Unit Test for G11 and G 12, Students have regular class after test
23 Jun SaturdaySports Day - Graders (Tokyo)
30 Jun SaturdayKindergarten - Parent Teacher Meeting (Tokyo)


1 Jul SundayKindergarten - Parent Teacher Meeting (Yokohama)
7 Jul SaturdaySchool Carnival (Tokyo)
16 Jul MondaySummer vacation begins
17 Jul TuesdaySummer School begins


10 Aug SundaySummer School ends
27 Aug MondaySchool resumes


17 Sept MondayNo School (Respect for the Aged Day)
22 Sept SaturdayKindergarten Sports Day (Tokyo)
24 Sept MondayNo School (Autumnal Equinox)


8 Oct MondayNo School (National Sports Day)
22-29 Oct Mon-MonMid-term examination for G1 to G10 ; Students dismissed after exam
First Term examination for G11 and G12; Students dismissed after exam
24 Oct WednesdayNo School for Kindergarten


03 Nov SaturdaySports Day for Kindergarten and Graders (Yokohama)
10 Nov SaturdayParent Teacher Meeting G1 to G5 (Tokyo)
11 Nov SundayParent Teacher Meeting G6 to G12 (Tokyo)
16-18 Nov Fri-SunIIMUN conference
17 Nov Saturday17 Nov Yokohama PTM (Graders)
23 Nov FridayNo School (Labor Thanksgiving Day)


15 Dec SaturdayWinter Concert (Tokyo)
16 Dec SundayWinter Concert (Yokohama)
24 Dec MondayWinter Vacation begins


7 Jan MondaySchool resumes
14 Jan MondayNo School (Coming of the Age Day)
15 Jan TuesdayPre-Board Examination for Gr.12 starts
21-25 Jan Mon-FriPost mid-term test for G1 to 8: Students have regular class after the test
Post mid-term test for G9 and G10: students dismissed after test
Unit Test for G11: Students have regular classes after test
26 Jan SaturdayRepublic Day of India


9 Feb SaturdayKindergarten Parent Teacher Meeting (Tokyo)
Graders Parent Teacher Meeting on Request (Tokyo)
10 Feb SundayKindergarten Parent Teacher Meeting (Yokohama)
Graders Parent Teacher Meeting on Request (Yokohama)
11 Feb MondayNo School (National Foundation Day)
12 Feb TuesdayPre-Board Examination for Gr.10 starts


14 Mar WednesdayPI Day
18-25 Mar Mon-MonAnnual examination for G1 to G9, G11 ; Students dismissed after exam
21 Mar ThursdayNo School (Spring Equinox)
26-1 Mar Tue-MonNo School for students
26 Mar TuesdayNo School for teachers
30 Mar SaturdayGraduation (Tokyo)
31 Mar SundayGraduation (Yokohama)


2 Apr TuesdayNew Academic year starts (Tokyo)

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