Volunteer at IISJ

Because we firmly believe that engaged parents make for a successful school life, we expect all parents to volunteer their time at IISJ. Families who are not able to donate their time will be asked to pay a fee instead. Parents will be asked to make their choice at the beginning of the school year: donate time or donate fee.

We have two on-going volunteer opportunities:


Bus Monitors are responsible for the general supervision of all students on our transportation vehicles. For more information, please contact the School Office.


Many of our students come to school by public transportation and, as a result, have to cross busy streets during peak traffic hours. Crossing Monitors are responsible for making sure these students safely cross the streets around the school.
For more information, click here.

Other Volunteer Opportunities


The school carnival is the biggest fundraiser for IISJ and requires the effort of the entire PA body.

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