India International School in Japan is recognized as a Specific Public-Interest Promotional Charitable Corporation (Tokutei Koeiki Zoshin Hojin) by the Japanese government. Select schools and associations are given this status for their active work in promoting education, culture, and social welfare for the betterment of Japanese society.

As a result of this recognition, individuals and corporations who decide to support IISJ through generous financial donations can receive a significant tax deduction relevant to their donation.

As IISJ seeks to put down its own roots in Tokyo with the future development of its very own campus, these donations will be critical. Any donation, whether individual or corporate, is required by law to be used strictly for the betterment of IISJ school facilities and services.

Upon receipt of the donation, IISJ will issue a receipt as well as a copy of our certificate of recognition as a charitable organization.

For more information or a Donation Form, please contact IISJ Corporation Manager Mr. Unryu Haku at

Thank you.


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