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Senior Secondary School Curriculum

Senior secondary school is made up of 11th and 12th grades. Subjects include: English Elective, English Core, French, Hindi Core, Political Science, Economics, Psychology, Mathematics, Accounting, Business Studies, Multimedia & Web Technology, Computer Science and Pure science subjects.

With our state of the art laboratories, students are given the opportunity to excel at Chemistry, Physics, Biology , IT and Math.

The monthly intra-school activities help train students to face an audience and become more confident and competitive. The presence of pupils from various parts of the world promotes the building of an international setting and enhancement of a cross-culture atmosphere. The teaching of various languages is imparted by native speakers with substantial academic qualifications that guarantee their proficiency.

At the senior secondary level, a great emphasis is placed on physical education as well as mental fitness. Students are required to participate in various sports through out the year. Public gymnasiums are used for coaching and practice sessions.

IISJ ensures a quality education to all its students. Academics is given priority and the several unit and term tests hold testimony to this. Special coaching is arranged for those who need it.


In order to facilitate the admission of our students in colleges worldwide after passing from the senior secondary school, IISJ had applied for the IB diploma course. It has received the status of IB candidate school and IB courses are available from 2013.

Subject Option Form for IB

IB Handbook

IB Program Fee


The IISJ library is accessible to students, teachers, and parents. Boasting the latest and best in collection material, the library sources its products from around the world.