Welcome to IISJ Elementary school

Knowledge comes but wisdom lingers - Tennyson

At IISJ, we believe that there is a brilliant child locked inside each student. Our students love coming to school everyday as we provide a happy and healthy environment that is caring, nurturing and supportive of all those who work and study in our school. Our educational methodology is built on the understanding that when children enjoy what they are doing, they learn more. With this in mind every activity is made educational as well as enjoyable. Our students continuously learn and retain not just write and memorize. They are encouraged to verbalize and voice their opinions and ideas, which in turn helps us to meet the distinctive needs of every individual student. Our objective here is to gently train and teach our students to believe in themselves as learners and as individuals.

At IISJ, the curriculum of the primary school is thought of in terms of activity and experience rather than of knowledge to be acquired and facts to be stored. Our comprehensive teaching methodology in English, Science, Social Studies, Math, Computer Science, Language, Physical Education, Music and Art and Craft seeks to ensure a deep understanding of each subject, alongside the project method. We aim to enable students to acquire extensive and an all-encompassing knowledge, leading to improved performance in competitive examinations. We also believe that non-academic activities make a vital contribution in helping students develop good values, foster self-confidence and help in personality development. Towards this goal, we have developed various extra-curricular activities at IISJ with specialist teachers which excel at bringing out the best in every child and enable him/her to take pride in himself/herself.

At IISJ, we strive to instill in every student that the yearning to learn is the ultimate key to victory and that with a strong belief in oneself there can be no barrier to success.