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School's Safety Measures


In order to enforce our response to possible emergencies, school in cooperation with Koto ku arranges full scale earthquake drills by Emergency Rescue teams time to time.

Teams train the students how to protect themselves in case of an earthquake during the school hours, and with the help and supervision of Emergency Team’s firemen, IISJ students experience fire smokes, earthquake simulations and practice the use of fire-extinguishers.

The drills are carried out smoothly and efficiently under the supervision of rescue teams, and students successfully accomplish all given tasks and objectives.

School also conducts evacuation drills time to time on its own and fire marshal of school regularly makes sure every preparation Is in place .

The school building belongs to local government and it has been retrofitted according to Japanese seismic regulations related to safe building code in year 2006. That is the reason it could withstand a major earthquake in 2011 without any damage.

Below are few examples how it is done time to time.