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India International school IISJ is the oldest Indian school in Japan . It offers K-12 education to Indian as well as non Indian students. The school combines the best of Indian and western education systems and provides unique learning to its students .

At Kindergarten level internationally known Montessori system is followed. A three-year Montessori education tends to nurture a joy of learning in children that prepares them for further challenges. Through various Montessori material students are taught reading writing, Math concepts and Environmental studies.

At Elementary level (Grade 1-5) all 5 core subjects and various sports are taught by highly trained and talented international faculty, comprised of Indian, British, American, French and Japanese teachers who under the new teaching scheme of Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) prepare the students for higher education. After receiving elementary education at IISJ students are qualified to enter any school of any board in India, or any international school in or outside India. Many of our students have joined such schools with great praise for IISJ.

Ms. Nirmal Jain, Director (080-3505-2247)
Office : 03-5875-5435

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